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Semrush Vs. Similar Web(Reasons to choose semrush over similar web)

semrsuh vs similar web (semrush the best?)
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Is semrush better than similar web? After reading today’s comparison bewteen semrush and similar web, you can be able to answer that question yourself.
SEMRUSH VS SIMILAR WEB; THERE ARE UP TO 50 REASONS TO CHOOSE SEMRUSH OVER SIMILAR WEB(read below by comparing their features). Here are the top 5 reasons to consider semrush over similar web. Between semrush and similar web, which one fits your marketing needs? You can’t decide on which one to use without evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. Semrush Vs. Similar web, which software should I use? First of all, you need to know what semrush/similar web is all about and what it can do for you.


Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing tools hub that facilitates every aspect of digital marketing. We are familiar with SEO(search engine optimization) because of the benefits we get from it. Most of us think semrush is only an SEO tool; NO! – Semrush has up to 50 different tools which allows you to perform many tasks. Semrush has tools for link building, link audit, and link management. Of course, you need a tool that helps you build quality links to rank on SERP(search engine result page). Also, Google penalizes websites that build links that go against their guidelines. How do you find and remove spammy links that will de-rank your website? How do you build quality links without being penalized? Semrush is the answer. As I said earlier, Semrush has more than 45 digital marketing tools that help you perform various tasks. Semrush helps you in;
  • Competitive analysis,
  • In-depth market research/analysis,
  • Link building/auditing,
  • Site audit,
  • PPC/advertising,
  • Unique web page/overall website speed test,
  • On-page SEO/off-page SEO analysis,
  • Position/rank tracking,
  • Keyword research/ranking on various location,
  • Google my business optimization/management,
  • Traffic analysis/research,
  • Content marketing/writing/optimization,
  • Social media marketing and lots more(There are about 30+ unmentioned tools offered by semrush).
reasons to use semrush as you digital marketing tool for seo, keyword research, contnet marketing, social media marketing, competitive analysis and market research.
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Semrush is ideal for Bloggers, SEOs, Content marketers, Social media marketers, Agencies, and the rest of digital marketing relations. Now you have a clue of what semrush is all about, let’s get to know the similar web.

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Similarweb is a marketing software that is strictly meant for market analysis and web traffic. Similarweb is niche-based. It only focuses on market research and web traffic analytics. Similar web has extra features like keyword researching, PPC/advertising, traffic/affiliate research, competitive analysis, Some part of SEO but the primary purpose of similarweb is web analytics. You will learn more about the semrush and similar web in today’s head-to-head comparison between similar web VS semrush. How to choose between semrush and similar web to determine which of these marketing tools suits you? I would compare their features. The benchmark I will use in comparing semrush and similar web are;
semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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semrush vs similar web(SEMRUSH user testimonails)
The versus battle between similar web and semrush will be segments of digital marketing because digital marketing is a broad topic that houses many popular niches like search engine optimization/marketing, content marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and the rest. Since semrush and similar web are all digital marketing softwares, I will segment their features in digital marketing sub-categories. Below is the overview of the digital marketing sub-niches I will use to compare similar web vs. semrush;
  1. SEO(search engine optimization)
  2. SEM(search engine marketing)
  3. Content marketing Social media marketing PPC(Pay Per Click)
  4. Affiliate marketing(referral traffic)
  5. Influencer marketing
  6. Digital Advertising


Seo is a broad topic that incorporate on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, E-commerce SEO, and Local SEO. We have a lot of topics under SEO. We will break down their features accordingly.


Semrush has a general SEO tool to evaluate the on-page rating of your website. An on-page SEO tool tells you what is missing on your page and tips on implementing it for better ranking on various search engines. Keyword usage, alt tags and, meta description, are the most popular ones.
image 2021 05 30 112658
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Free today: Use the semrush on-page seo tool for free on a 7-day trial.
Comparing semrush and similar web in this aspect is a huge disadvantage to similar web since their competitor offers it as part of their service while they don’t. There are a couple of things to do with this tool which we will not address in full details.
The point goes to Semrush.

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SEO content allows you to write search engine optimized blog post that ranks on google/bing with ease. If you want organic traffic, this tool is for you.
image 2021 05 30 124400
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Semrush SEO content optimizer suggests the best tip that will help you rank your post on the first page by using the data scraped from the top ten ranking pages on google. This tool evaluates why those posts rank and suggest what to add to your content to rank higher. Similar web is lacking here; they don’t have such a tool here.
Semrush is the winner.


An SEO writing assistant guides you in writing valuable content that ranks on Google.
semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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Semrush user testimonial
This tool shows the SEO score of your post, readability score, tone of voice, and tips on how to improve your content. You can integrate this tool in your WordPress account or google doc which makes semrush the best SEO tools hub.
image 2021 05 30 125116
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Similar web doesn’t have this feature, so semrush wins again and again.
Semrush is the winner again


Starting to compare semrush and similar is equal in regards to keyword research and keyword strategy. Both semrush and similar web offers a keyword research/strategy tool for effective search engine optimization but semrush keyword tools are much better than the similar web. Keep reading; you will learn about the difference between semrush and similar and which one is said to be the winner in today’s head-to-head comparison. Both semrush and similar web score the same point in this aspect. Both tools have keyword research and keyword strategy tools. In keyword data, semrush is the best option for keyword databases because similar web’s keyword features are barely comparable to semrush keyword database and keyword SERP features.
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If you want additional data about keywords ranking on SERP in real-time and overtime, semrush is the best tool to use. The image below is the keyword data I acquired from the semrush keyword tool which which has lower competition and keyword difficulty(how to start a blog in Nigeria).
semrush vs similar web
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The keyword is easy to rank; semrush made it easy for me to get it. Semrush has over 20 billion keyword data in different countries and languages.
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There is no winner here because both Semrush and Similar Web has keyword research tool But Semrush is better when it comes to keyword data

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The keyword traffic share is beneficial when it comes to competitive analysis. With this keyword, you can easily find a website that dominates the overall traffic a given keyword has. Let’s say this keyword “#How to start a WordPress blog” has a total search volume of ten thousand monthly searches, and ten websites share a seven thousand traffic generated by this keyword (how to start a WordPress blog). How do you evaluate traffic share between the ten websites? Traffic share does that for you. Semrush and similar web have their traffic share tool for a given keyword.
There is no winner in this aspect. 


Sometimes we lose and gain rankings on Google SERP. With a keyword ranker, you can easily find your winning and losing keywords at a glance. Semrush and similar web offers a keyword tracker, but semrush provides a more advanced keyword tracking tool to monitor keyword rankings(looses and wins) in different countries. Also, with their keyword tracker, you can track unlimited keywords within your dashboard. Unlike the similar web that uses manual tracker, i.e., you will have to key in your competitor’s website compared to yours before finding keyword opportunities. Semrush allows us to type the keyword we want to track and automatically do its job. Semrush is the best choice when it comes to keyword tracking.
Semrush won with a half-point here


Keyword trends is another excellent tool that helps marketers find trending keywords or topics within an industry. This tool aids content writers, and bloggers in targeting a keyword that would drive possible traffic to their website.
semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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Awesome Semrush user testimonial
With the top keyword by industry, you can easily find keywords that drive the highest traffic with semrush or similar web.
Semrush and similar web scored an equal point here. Both offer the same feature.


A keyword manager is a unique SEO tool for advanced keyword research. The keyword manager is essential when analyzing many keywords at a time.
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This tool can analyze up to 1000 different keywords at a time. Just key in the keywords and hit search; semrush will display many keyword features along with its SERP(search engine result page) packs. Similar web doesn’t have such a tool in their directory.
Semrush bags the point.


semrus keyword gap
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Similar web has a related tool for keyword gap, which is incorporated in one feature. It does not have a stand-alone keyword gap that makes it easier for anyone that wants quick information to showcase keyword your competitor ranks for which you aren’t ranking. Because semrush has a unique tool for keyword gap and the similar web doesn’t,
Semrush is the winner once again.
This tool also shows the top competitors for a given keyword at the moment, and SERP changes and keyword rank changes between competitors. Similar web doesn’t have any tool related to this, and semrush bags it. P:S: Another reason to choose semrush over similar web is the availability of the keyword overview feature, which allows us to see the value of a keyword to evaluate how it matches our goal. Semrush keyword magic tool has more than 20 billion keyword databases, making it the most comprehensive keyword database SEO tool. The video below is the semrush keyword gap tool. Watch it to see how it can help you.


Off-page SEO involves any optimization that happens outside your website(on-page is the opposite). How do similar web and semrush compete in this scenario? Semrush wins in this aspect. Then how?


image 2021 05 30 145405
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Do similar web have any backlink tool? No, I am afraid to say yes. Similar web’s primary focus is marketing/web analytics. Semrush backlink analytics tool shows you the rate at which you lose and acquire backlinks in a graphical and text view.
image 2021 05 30 145842
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The image below shows categories of domains linking to the semrush website and their top anchor text. As you can see, naked anchor (bare link) and the semrush brand name are the top 2 anchor texts generating the backlink.
image 2021 05 30 150455
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There are many things you can do with this particular tool. It also shows the value attribute of each link and its percentage. Semrush has a lot of do-followed backlinks. How do I find out? Answer: Semrush backlink analytics tool. Not that alone, it shows the authority and the number of links they have in their backlink profile.
image 2021 05 30 150933
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Semrush backlink analytic tool has the ability to display the number of top countries and top TLD(domain extensions) linking to your website.
image 2021 05 30 151605
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Semrush backlink will grow backlink profile; You can use it for free for 7-days.

You will have insights to your competitors(similar profiles) and your backlink distribution details + Top pages with the highest number of links.
image 2021 05 30 152134
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Semrush has up to four link-building tools. Semrush backlink analytics tool allows us to benchmark our competitors by analyzing their backlink profiles.
This tool shows more recent acquired/lost links of any given domain; you can apply filters to find more backlink opportunities.
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Do semrush have a backlink tool? Yea they have up to four different backlink tools that performs specific tasks. Semrush has a backlink audit tool that allows us to find harmful/spammy/toxic links to evaluate the overall health of your website’s backlink profile. Google might terminate your rankings on the google search result page due to toxic links pointing to your website. With semrush, you can find bad links that would hurt your website’s ranking and remove them within your semrush dashboard with the google disavow tool. Semrush does win in terms of backlinking.


Semrush has a link-building SEO tool that helps you build links even if you are not a link builder. Their link building/research tool walks you through finding quality link opportunities and running backlink outreach campaigns within your semrush dashboard. Semrush finds the link for you and integrates it with google owned property that allows you to send an email campaign for backlink acquisition. Semrush is excellent indeed. They always provide value(Winner: Semrush).
You can clearly see that Semrush overshadowed Similar Web again.


image 2021 05 31 070433
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There’s a missing backlink opportunity in your backlink profile. How can you find them? Semrush backlink gap tool scans your link profile and shows the backlink gap you need to fill up and rank your post on search engines. Semrush is will always win similar web when it comes to backlinking.
image 2021 05 31 070853
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Bulk link analysis is a semrush backlink tool that allows us to scale up your backlink-building processes by analyzing your progress compared to a wide variety of competitors. This tool will give you more insight into link building. Semrush is still winning. Semrush wins in backlink analysis/building/auditing since similar web doesn’t offer a link-building tool for their users.


Just as we track our cars, the semrush post tracker allows you to track the performance of your post or your competitor’s posts online. This tool provides us with the post keyword rankings(increase/decrease), external links acquired or lost, social engagement data, referral traffic counts, and daily ranking of the post on different locations. Do you know? Your post can rank “number one” on a specific location while ranking “number ten” on another location. Please keep your eyes on where you want your post to rank and track its performance with the semrush post tracking SEO tool.
Semrush wins again. 


I love this tool. The organic research tool is one of the best SEO tools that allow us to find the organic presence of any given website. You can use it as a competitive analysis tool to determine which of your competitors has the highest share of organic traffic. Also helpful when finding the keyword that brought the most traffic and the keyword difficulty. Semrush is the winner here again.


SERP Analyzer/tracker makes it easier for you to track the performance of your post on search engines and get optimization opportunities. Both semrush and similar web have this feature, but semrush offers more advanced and comprehensive insights on search engine result pages. Semrush has a unique tool for SERP tracking while similar web doesn’t. In this scenario semrush wins, because they have SERP tracker as a stand-alone tool while similar web doesn’t. Again similar web lacks “SERP packs” while semrush has it. The pack shows you what is currently ranking on SERP. I.e., the rich snippets. Similar web don’t have this feature, so semrush wins.
Semrush is the winner again. 


The sensor is a semrush property that tracks ranking changes per industry in real-time. This tool will cost you about $50/month if you want a dedicated tool for it. Semrrush sensor tracks the volatility of Googles’s and Baidu’s SERP daily changes. Google never notify you of all updates on the search because they modify the search every day. Google usually informs you of core updates. Without google notifying you of changes made on their algorithm, the semrush sensor reports you on ranking/algorithm changes and evaluates the most-changing industry’s SERP. Who’s the winner here? Semrush. Similar would adopt this feature tomorrow, but they currently don’t have such a feature.
Semrush wins again. 


Which website has the highest-ranking keywords on search? Which website generates the highest organic traffic from SERP? You can’t figure it with your head.
image 2021 05 31 075729
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Semrush top ranking websites
Semrush “RANKS” allows us to find the most ranking website on search engines. You can use this tool to find the domain that pays more for traffic/keywords. This tool is incredible when performing research about the most ranking website on search. Semrush is mighty; their database is extensive. Semrush shares the point here since similar web has the same feature called top ranking webistes.
There is no winner here. 


Technical SEO involves finding errors you have on your website that hurts your ranking and website’s progress. I could remember when I restrict google access to my website without remembering to fix it. I was able to find and resolve this issue with the help of a technical SEO tool. Similar web doesn’t have a technical SEO tool. What about semrush? They have up to three, and what’s their name? Put your domain below to find technical issues on your website.


Semrush offers a speed testing tool for your website. Ever since Google says that the core web vitals algorithm is a ranking factor, page speed is now a widespread discussion in SEO. Let’s say every ranking signal is constant; a faster web page is likely to outrank a slow web page. Unlike other page speed tool that allows you to track speed performance of a specific web page, semrush goes beyond that to extend theirs to all the web page on your website. Now you don’t have to analyze individual web pages; with semrush, you can easily find slow web pages with a single click. Semrush crawler will crawl all the pages on your website and report the worst and best-performing web pages on your website. And this is a big reason to choose semrush over similar web. Semrush wins. Similar web loses.
Winner: Semrush

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You can’t say whether your website is error-free without evaluating the website and its content. A Robot.txt XML text file tells search engines not to crawl certain pages on your website, while the meta robot allows us to remove certain pages from the search engine index. Sometimes we do this unknowingly, as I did in the past. This configuration could affect your ranking on Google, and it’s crucial to find and fix them. With semrush, you can troubleshoot and fix technical issues you have on your website. When you run an audit for your website, semrush will display all the errors and warnings in hierarchal other that is affecting your website and tips on how to fix them.
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This tool crawls all the pages in your website, shows all the technical SEO errors in your website, and guides you on fixing them. Similar web lacks behind here, so semrush tends to dominate this position and probably the winner. Winner: Semrush again


On-page SEO involves optimization on a page level. It comprises your posts and other pages. With the semrush on-page SEO checker, finding issues that hurt your post ranking on Google is a thing of the past.
semrush on-page seo checker
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Additionally, this tool gives you tips on how to improve your post rankings on google because semrush on-page SEO checker knows about the search engine rankings, so they give you the best suggestion which would improve your rankings. 
Backlinks and quality content are some of the most influential Google ranking factors. Semrush analyzes all your pages and gives SEO-driven ideas to rank on google.
semrush on-page seo checker
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Semrush is still the winner again. Similar web doesn’t have such a tool as a feature for Seo, so similar web loses in technical SEO.
Semrush wins again. 


A log file analyzes how search engines perceive your website. This tool is helpful when analyzing structural and navigational issues on your website. With this feature, you can confidently optimize for crawl budget and control bot activities on your website, which helps to reduce requests your server handles. Logfile analyzer is a big win to semrush users. Similar web missed by a mile.
Winner: Semrush


Local SEO is one of the easiest and best ways to rank your posts on the google result pages. With page rating being of the most influential ranking factors Google uses to determine the position of a particular web page, it will be almost impossible for a page with a page rating of 20 to outrank a page with a 90-page rating.
semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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Semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
With the proper local SEO implementation, a page with zero page rating can easily outrank or be similar to a 90-page rating(PR) page. The secrete is that your business’s location regarding the searcher’s location determines your local SEO ranking. Similar web doesn’t have any tool for local listing optimization or local business tool. Semrush has a local SEO tool that has many features which make semrush the winner in this aspect.


image 2021 05 30 153551
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semrush local seo(listing management)
Do you have a physical address where you attend to customers? If yes, the local listing management tool will help you generate free traffic through a local listing. Semrush made it easy by allowing marketers to automatically add their website to the most reputable business listing directories in just one click. Wow.
image 2021 05 30 154223
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image 2021 05 30 154455
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The semrush Local Seo tool will save you a lot of time submitting your website to GMB, YELP, FACEBOOK, and other listing websites without doing it manually.
image 2021 05 30 154657
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image 2021 05 30 154911
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That is when someone drops a review about your website on yelp or google semrush local listing management will notify you within your dashboard without needing to log in to yelp or GMB. You can even reply to each review within your semrush dashboard. The listing management tracks your post ranking on a zip code level. You can view your local business listings in one place. This particular tool ensures you get rid of duplicates.
image 2021 05 30 155357
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image 2021 05 30 155549
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Semrush is undoubtful the best digital marketing toolbox.
Semrush wins again, and similar web loses.

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Position tracking is different from post tracking. This tool tracks the position shift of your local business or search engine ranking in more than one location.
semrush position traking
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Semrush position tracking tool
Monitor the keyword you are ranking on a local level and the device that your audience/customers use to access your website. You can use this tool to track your competitor’s online performance on a local level.
Semrush is awesome(winner).


This category involves many things. We track what our competitors do to evaluate how they compare to ours. Both semrush and similar web has competitive analytics tools. How do they compete in this aspect?


Share of voice is another metric that helps us analyze the shares between different competitors on a given subject. We have a share-of-voice for keywords and traffic, which is used as a benchmark to determine which website takes the highest share in its category. Semrush has theirs, similar web the same. This metric is helpful when analyzing what’s working for your competitors. It helps you find what’s working for you as well. You can use this metric to find acquisition opportunities in your niche. Both semrush and similar web has a keyword, traffic and, advertising share of voice tool.
Both scores equal points again since they have dedicated tools for the share of voices.

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semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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Semrush market explorer is another tool that makes competitive analysis more accessible and more effective. This tool showcases people that are the top players and game-changer in your niche. With their quadrant growth tool, you can quickly discover your market share, market size, traffic generation strategies in the market explorer reports.
Semrush does win by a half-point here since “similar web” has a similar tool(share of voice) but lacks some features of the semrush market explorer.


Both semrush and similar web do have competitive analytics tools for SEO, but semrush has an additional feature that similar web doesn’t have, PR for marketers. So semrush users are the favorite for competitive analysis. This tool allows us to track related mentions of our brand or competitors’ mentions online. PR monitor tracks the sentiments and competitors of your audience’s internal shift…Semrush has this feature, but similar web doesn’t ave it.
Semrush is the winner once again. 


In competitive analysis, you will find it hard to know what strategy to use in your marketing strategy without evaluating your website’s traffic data or your competitors. Both semrush and similar web have traffic data tools, but the semrush traffic analytics tool is much more in number and offers additional metrics than a similar web. Both semrush and similar web shows demographics data of a given website, but semrush has deeper insight than similar web for traffic generation.
traffic share semrush
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Semrush traffic share data
Similar web and semrush have a traffic channel/share tool that displays where your traffic comes from and how they engage on your website. You can use this tool to know whether your traffic is from social media, organic, paid, email, direct, or referred from another website. Also, this tool shows which type of device your visitors use to access your website and how much traffic you generate and lost in real-time and over time. Semrush, on the other hand, has up to four different traffic analytics tool which includes;
semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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Spoiler Alert: Semrush allows you to compare up to four competitors at a time with the traffic distribution tool; This makes semrush the best SEO tool so far. P:S: Similar web has a traffic distribution tool but lacks features which semrush traffic distribution offers. Semrush is better than similar web when it comes to traffic distribution. Semrush wins by a half-point by allowing users to find traffic share by country and its sub-continents; that’s a big plus to semrush users.  
traffic distribution all are from europe asis and america
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semrush traffic distribution
Again, using semrush allows you to export your data to external CSV sheets so you can re-use your traffic insights anytime without researching again. “Similar Web” never offers a feature like this which makes it very hard for marketers like me. Semrush is flexible. You can export your data to external worksheet. With their 3rd integrations, you can do more than what they offer.
Winner: Semrush


Geo distribution is a market research tool that uncovers additional insights about your website visitors. It displays additional data like the age range of your website users, the most country that visits your website and, the share of the traffic you get from your industry market share. Semrush GEO distribution tool allows you to compare your domain against all the audiences within your industry.
geo distribution semrush
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semrush geo distribution
The market share geo-distribution tool is much more of the geolocation of your users. You can also use it to gain insight into your website traffic trend( total number of gains and losses your website acquires over time). In addition to the semrush market share, you can also use it to find the top growing countries on your website. This metric is fantastic when you are targeting a specific country. It does help to analyze if your strategy is working or not.
Semrush bags it again(winner).


A traffic Journey is one of the best metrics we marketers track traffic sources and target. The Semrush traffic journey shows you where your traffic comes from and they leave. You will find how where users come from and where they go. Similar web is doubtfully to have this feature so the point goes to semrush.
trafffic journey
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Winner: Semrush


Referral traffic is an untapped traffic channel most of you neglect to analyze when it comes to traffic analytics. By finding referral traffic sources, you can create traffic opportunities that will increase your user base. You can use this tool to find websites that drive traffic to your competitors but not you or websites that send traffic to different websites in yur niche. The tool is similar to the keyword gap semrush tool.
Similar web and semrush both offer this as an additional add-on, and still, there is no winner here.

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If you want to know how much traffic your website generates from search engine, the organic insight tool does the task for you. Similar web performs well in terms of referral traffic, but what about organic traffic insight?
semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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Semrush shows you how much traffic your website generates through search engines and missing keywords “not-provided” by google analytics. With this feature, you can cross-check organic traffic data for best reporting. The semrush organic traffic insight tool displays your website search performance, traffic gotten from it, the keyword value, and your competitor’s rank on SERP.
Semrush is the most preferred option here. Semrush has organic feature that similar web lacks. So they are taking the whole point home.


Brand monitoring allows us to monitor our/our competitor’s brand to track how people mention them online. The brand monitor is proper when building backlinks.
image 2021 05 31 031205
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semrush brand monitor for unlinked/linked mentions.
When someone mentions my website’s name(Blogimize), I will receive a message via email or within my semrush dashboard. Also, you can use this tool to track keywords you are trying to rank by getting a quick notification when someone mentions them online.
image 2021 05 31 031804
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Brand monitor filters. You can specify date range to drill down your insight.
The brand monitor is just like the google alert that notifies you when someone mentions your brand online.
Similar web lacks this feature and semrush boosts of it. Semrush, the winner!
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image 2021 05 31 085040
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Social media toolkit dashboard(semrush)
Having an all-in-one social media tool that allows us to track engagement and schedule posts on different social media platforms, makes our workflow easier/faster and reduces the total cost of purchasing individual tools. The social management tool can schedule your post, get insights, track competitors, boost social engagements, and create social ads on the most popular social media platforms. Semrush does win here.


How do you track your competitor’s social media presence and engagements? I know most of you never follow your competitor’s social media influence.
image 2021 05 31 085517
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Semrush social media tracker
With semrush, you can have a detailed analysis of how your competitors perform on different social media platforms. You can use the data to benchmark yourself to evaluate who is the most influential. You can also use this tool to optimize your social engagement by utilizing what works for others and using semrush recommendations.


image 2021 05 31 085329
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semrush social media poster.
I don’t have Co-schedule, SocialPilot, or buffer, but I have semrush. Can I schedule my post on different social media platforms? Yea. Can I track my social media engagements? Yes, of course, you can. Semrush has social media toolkit that allows you to post on different social media platforms when you might get the most of your post engagement. Posting when your target audience is as-sleep will result in low engagement. With this tool, you can schedule your social media post when you think is the best time for the best attention. Do you know? You can use this tool to schedule your Google-My-Business post(not only for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and many more social media platforms). If you have semrush, you don’t need a social media marketing tool. Semrush keeps on bagging the point.


image 2021 05 31 085725
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Semrush Social media Ad maker.
Do you advertise on any Facebook platform? If yes, you need this tool. Semrush social media ads enable us to run optimized ads for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Ads, without leaving the semrush dashboard. You don’t need an ad optimizer again; this tool finds low-performing ads and suggests how to improve them.
Semrush is winning(on a streak).
semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)

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Both semrush and similar web have individual advertising tools used to research your competitors’ ad creatives. How do semrush and similar web compare to each other in this aspect? I will cover the features of both tools below.


Pay per click(PPC) is a type of digital advertising marketers utilize to promote their services or products online. It’s calculated as per click, i.e., an advertiser pays when someone clicks on his/her ad. Semrush calls their PPC while the similar web is digital marketing intelligence. Both tools help advertisers to find the best performing ad copy of your competitors or your ad copy; it saves you time to create ad copy that would perform well. You will also have insight on the most/best advertising platform your competitors are using to target their audience/customers. There are a lot more things that you can do with this tool, like finding the best performing keywords which your can retarget and optimize your return on investment. Both similar web and semrush offer almost the same features, but who’s the most preferred option here? Semrush has more advantages to similar web.
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Semrush is incredible because its tool is the most comprehensive digital marketing tool. Similar never allow their users to perform such action within their dashboard, which is why semrush is said to be the most preferred choice here. Do you want to run a paid campaign? Do you want a profitable keyword with low competition? This tool is for you. There is no winner between semrush and similar web; both of them have the same feature. Semrush, on the other hand, has an extra feature that allows you to set negative keywords and run the PPC ad within your dashboard without having to log in to google Adword.
semrush vs similar web(user testimonails)
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You can use this tool to scrape the history of all the ads your competitors ran in the past. Its data allows you to research the ad copy they are using, the time they ran it, the keyword that’s being targeted, the type of ad(text/video/image) used, and how the ad performed.


PLA Advertising allows you to analyze the performance of other Google shopping advertisers. You can use this tool to discover queries that trigger their PLA to appear and their top-performing competitors. Product listing ads are displayed when someone searches for a query that’s listed n google shopping.
Semrush dominates this position.


image 2021 05 31 052009
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wix to semrush.
A content marketing tool allows you to not only research your content but also, you can use it to optimize your content with the right content strategy. Semrush is the best digital marketing SEO tools hub that provides you with different tools while similar web doesn’t. Semrush is doesn’t compete with similar web when it comes to content marketing. The video below covers all the features of semrush content marketing toolkit.

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Topic research is a semrush content marketing tool that allows us to research content to publish online. With this tool, you will never run out of content writing ideas because one research provides you with hundreds of ideas to expand your content marketing effort.
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You might be asking why is my content not resonating with my readers? Why is it not engaging? Why? The answer is, your content marketing strategy isn’t optimized for your target audience. With semrush content researcher, you can easily find the best content your audience will love to read and share. This tool has many features; You can use it to find popular topics in your niche, engaging headlines that attract clicks, and questions users ask about the topic.
Semrush is still the winner.


image 2021 05 31 090321
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Semrush Marketing calender.
This tool allows you as a content marketer to plan and collaborate with your editorial team to carry out the most effective content marketing plan. The Semrush marketing calendar is suitable for content marketers who handle many tasks and wants to keep their eyes on how their workflow performs by tracking their workers’ assigned job progress. Semrush is still dominating and the winner again.


semrush content audit
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semrush content audit.
A content audit feature is a content marketing tool that enables you to scan your content and finds errors on the content; it suggests how to fix them. This tool analyzes your content assets, discovers your best article, and fish out ones that need improvement. You can use either semrush, google analytics and or google search console to find and fix content issues on your blog. Semrush is the winner here.
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Semrush marketplace is ideal for bloggers with limited time. If you find it hard to write a search engine and user optimized post, utilize their marketplace. With this feature, you can request content from the semrush content marketers to craft the post for you at an affordable rate. Semrush wins. Similar web doesn’t have such a feature


Both semrush and similar web have their individual chrome extension that displays additional website data when you are browsing on the search engine result pages, or a particular website.
We have no winner in this aspect.


image 2021 05 31 083714
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Semrush report tool.
With semrush, you can create an eye-catchy PDF to create a report of your analysis. It’s easy to start with their drag-and-drop feature. If you are running a competitive analysis, this tool can help you arrange your finding in a well-detailed pdf file, making it too easy to re-use the analytics or send it to your team. Similar web doesn’t have any –
Semrush wins again.


Do you want to monetize your blog? Are you an affiliate marketer? Do you want to make more money blogging? This tool is ideal for blogger and affiliate marketers who want to make money online. Similar web doesn’t have such tool; they decide to leave the point for semrush. Below are what semrush has to offer.


With the semrush display advertising intelligence, you can easily monetize your blog by analyzing successful competitors in your niche. You will get actionable reports on their ad placement, top users’ interests, users’ device type, and lots more. This tool reports insightful tips to help you determine what’s best for your blog for making money online. Semrush is a few of SEO tool that has this feature.


Last but not least, here is the semrush bulk analysis. This tool allows us to analyze up to 200 domains in a single click. It saves you time. You don’t need to research a domain backlink over and over again.
image 2021 05 31 093329
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Semrush bulk backlink analysis.
Do it once and save yourself the time. This particular tool helped me explore ten similar keywords on “how to start a WordPress blog and make money” Semrush wins by a massive point here because, in this particular aspect, semrush is a game-changer for SEOs like me.
image 2021 05 31 100604
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bulk analysis result
The backlink bulk analysis can analyze up to 200 domains at a time while the keyword batch analysis can get data of 200 keywords in a single click.

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Similar web average score is below 30% of the whole points, while semrush scored over 90% points in this head-to-head comparison between semrush and similar web. Now no one would speak when comparing semrush and similar web features. Let’s finish the comparison by evaluating users’ review, pricing and, usability. Below are many other reasons to choose semrush over similar web.
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Semrush made their pricing plans transparent by making it public while similar web hides theirs. You will have to contact a similar web sales team if you want to use their tool. Since semrush says what they offer and how much you will pay for using their tool, they are transparent and straightforward. Without a doubt, semrush wins similar web in terms of pricing because you don’t know if you will pay more or less.
image 2021 05 31 054714
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Semrush pricing plans.
Semrush has three pricing plans and one custom plan for enterprises, which you can choose from monthly or yearly pricing. You will have a detailed overview of the features that are incorporated in your pricing plan.
image 2021 05 31 055654
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Similar web pricing.
With similar web, it’s impossible. No one would say if similar web has hidden charges or not. Similar web’s customers pay different prices for using their service since you have to contact them first before using their tool. I can say that their price range is $199-$799/month. Semrush is cheaper in that aspect. Semrush starts from $119 for monthly plans and $99/month for a yearly plan. For the .trends add-on, you will have to pay about $319-$649/month.
image 2021 05 31 051511
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Semrush .Trends pricing.
Similar pricing is a bit different. You will pay for extra and crucial features since you need to contact their sales team. Similar web is more costly and is not transparent in terms of pricing. Semrush keep theirs open to their customers.

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Semrush does offer a 7-day free trial. This is another reason to choose semrush over similar web. You can enroll for a trial and cancel anytime if you don’t want to proceed to the pro plans.
P:S: Similar Web offers a trial as awell.
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It shows you that Semrush is confident with its service. I’m using it, and it of great value to me.


If you are a non-business owner or don’t have a company e-mail, similar web won’t allow you to register an account for some features. You might not have a business e-mail at the moment. How can you cope with similar web if you don’t have a business email? Something like this>> [email protected].
image 2021 05 31 094253
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Similar web leading traffic intelligence platform.
With semrush, you can sign up for a trial or pro account using your Gmail, outlook, or yahoo mail account with ease. Similar does not allow you to register with a Gmail or yahoo mail account. You need a business e-mail account.

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Do you still want more detail to choose semrush over the similar web? Keep reading.


Semrush has more than 50+ tools that perform all aspects of your digital marketing tasks. You can use semrush for search engine optimization(On-page/off-page/technical/local SEO). In terms of on-page SEO, it walks you through finding easy-to-rank keywords and mapping them by using the best content marketing/optimization tool in the digital marketing toolbox. With technical SEO, you can audit, discover and fix technical errors within your blog. For off-page and local SEO, building backlinks and ranking for local queries becomes easy. There is a lot more to do with this tool, which comprises actionable competitors research, content optimization, social media marketing/optimization, PR marketing, PPC, Rank tracker, and lots more. Semrush recommends the best strategy to implement for the betterment of your website’s growth/success.
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Similar web is a marketing/web analytics tool; Their main aim is website traffic data on the internet. However, they have some marketing tools but don’t compare to what semrush offers. They have less than 15 unique tools for different tasks, while semrush has more than 50 tools. To choose the best from this aspect, Semrush deserves some accolades; For complete tools, semrush wins.


Similar web doesn’t have a technical/on-page/off-page SEO tool. Neither do they have content marketing or social media marketing tools; They only have a primary SEO tool but not the advanced ones like post tracking, brand monitor, keyword ranker, and keyword ranker many others. Their primary focus is web analytics data. Now you have seen semrush is incredible? Give them some respect. Semrush does win when it comes to advanced SEO tools like technical SEO tool, link builder/auditor, advanced on-page SEO tool, rank monitors, local SEO, and otherwise.


This is another reason t choose semrush over similar web. You can use the batch analysis to get up 1,000 different keyword data.
semrush keyword batch analysis
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semrush keyword batch analysis
This tool will save you a lot of time analyzing different keywords at a time.
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Keyword cannibalization is the total amount of pages that competes for a particular keyword. Google hates cannibalized pages so you have to avoid it.
image 2021 05 30 123316
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keyword cannibalization
Semrush will find it and help you fix it. This is another big reason to choose semrush over similar web. This avoids your website from trying to rank for a keyword from different pages. Find those pages and use similar keywords to eradicate the issue or merge those competing pages to one.


The semrush backlink gap is essential when finding backlink opportunities. It displays missing backlink in your backlink profile.


Semrush database is open to the masses. They show users how many keywords they have in their database, how many backlinks are there in their database, and the rest. Similar web has zero backlink database, zero SERP database, zero local SEO database, zero on-page, and rank tracking database. They might have a keyword database, but no one knows. Semrush, on the other hand, has a 20billion+ keyword database, local SEO pack and rank tacker database, 142 SERP database, 40Trillion+ backlink database, technical/on-page SEO database, Google Ads database, and lots more. Semrush update their data regularly. Their keyword database grew by ten times(10x) in two years, which is a significant reason to choose semrush over a similar web. Semsrush database is available in 142 different countries, and they will add more in the nearest time. Similar web data is accurate for high-traffic websites. If your website traffic is very low, they will likely report false data, so semrush is still the best. I have analyzed a website with less than 2k monthly visitors, and they gave me the actual report; It shows their tool is more than accurate.

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Both tools are good, but how can we say which one is better? Using users review and recommendations is the first step to consider when researching the product/service you want to patronize. The data below shows the best-reviewed service between semrush and similar web.
semrush users review
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semrush users review
Let’s compare semrush and similar web review on different review websites.
  • image 2021 05 31 041652
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Semrush and similar web review on the “Get App website.”
As you can see from the image above, Semrush got 4.65/5 star rating in 1,348 reviews while Similar web has 4.46/5 in 65 reviews. With more review, Semrush still tops the chart. Semrush also has more social shares than the similar web(up to 6x greater). This is another great reason to choose Semrush over similar web.

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  • image 2021 05 31 043747
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  • image 2021 05 31 043918
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Semrush and Similar web review on the “G2 website.”
Semrush is in the top 50 tools in 2021 while Similar web is the spring leader 2021 that’s insightful. Considering their review Semrush is rated 4.5/5 while similar is 4.4/5. Semrush also has more reviews by users than Similar web. Semrush has a lower star rating percentage than Similar web, this shows a big difference in their quality. Also, their 5-star rating (75%) is greater than the similar web’s 5-star rating(68%).

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  • image 2021 05 31 044834
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  • image 2021 05 31 050022
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Semrush and similar web reviews on the “TrustPilot webiste.”
As you can see, Semrush review rating is greater than the similar web ratings. Semrush with a total of 374 review scored 8.8 in 10, while similar web score is 7.2 in 10 with 37 review ratings.

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  • image 2021 05 31 060130
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  • image 2021 05 31 060246
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Capterra users review; Semrush Vs. Similar web.
With a whopping 1,349 ratings, Semrush got a 4.7/5 rating. Similar web on the other acquired 4.5/5 in 65 users review. Semrush wins in all reviews by users on different review websites.

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Semrush has made it easier for you by partnering with top brands like Google, Facebook, and other high-profile companies to make your workflow easier. You can export your data to 3rd party tools like the CSV view or create engaging PDF within the semrush dashboard. You can comnnect your website to google my business, google analytics, google Doc, and a lot more. Similar web lacks this extension which makes semrush awesome and great.


The image below lists testimonials from reputable/popular marketers and business owners using the semrush marketing toolbox.
  • image 2021 05 31 033819
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  • image 2021 05 31 033907
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  • image 2021 05 31 033954
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  • image 2021 05 31 034123
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  • image 2021 05 31 034436
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  • image 2021 05 31 034543
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  • image 2021 05 31 034620
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  • image 2021 05 31 034715
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  • image 2021 05 31 035023
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  • image 2021 05 31 035057