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(Review+Tutorial)SEMrush SEO content template and SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant.

SEMrush content template and SEO writing assistant review and tutorial
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In today’s SEMrush SEO Writing assistant review, we will;

  1. Discuss how the tool work along with the content template, SEMrush,
  2. Share my personal experience of how the tool is helping me,
  3. How my writing experience has changed in terms of search engine optimization and users experience.
  4. And how to use the Semrush SEO writing assistant with the content template.

What is SEMrush?

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Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing suite

SEMrush is a marketing and competitive intelligence SEO suite with a wide range of features.

It has been built for SEO professionals, content marketers, social media marketers, and marketing managers who need to track their website rankings, Improve search engine traffic, social media performance, and backlink profile.

The tool provides an insight into all of the data that one needs to know about their marketing campaigns, website visibility, and performance on different channels.

You can watch the youtube video below. It’s a review of the semrush content template and seo writing assisstant on our new brand channel @sumosaas.

Semrush seo writting assistant and content template review

What are “Semrush SEO content template and SEO writing assistant tool?”

The content template and the SEO writing assistant by SEMrush, provide a solution for content writers and SEOs to write quality and targeted SEO-optimized content in a short time or optimize an existing article to boost its Ranking in Google result pages.

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The Semrush content template

A remarkable feature that SEMrush provides is the Semrush SEO template tool and the SEO writing assistant.

These features will provide you with a search engine optimized template for every article they want to optimize for Search engines.

It provides insightful recommendations on optimizing the content to outrank your competitors in SERP(search engine result page).

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The content template SEO recommendations

The recommendations are gotten from the top 10 websites ranking for that term in Google.

It also includes keyword usage for all the articles ranking in the top 10 results based on what you are looking to write about and examples for each type of article format.

Semrush SEO content template

The SEO content template Semrush tool can be used as a starting point when writing SEO-friendly articles for Search engines.

The SEO writing assistant by SEMrush is designed to simplify writing optimized SEO content to save time and improve efficiency.

Semrush writing assistant

The SEMrush SEO writing assistant is a helpful tool that guides you in writing an SEO-optimized blog post.

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The Semrush writing assistant recommendations

The tool will provide suggestions that will increase your chance of ranking above your competitors in Google.

Both tools work hand-in-hand.

The SEMrush SEO content template Review

This tool will give you data-driven recommendations from the information obtained from the top 10 websites ranking for that term.

It will show you;

1: Top 10 sites ranking for that keyword and gateway to reading their content inside your dashboard, and see how they map their Keywords.

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Website ranking for a specific term in USA.

2: The semantically related keywords to use and outrank your competitors.

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Recommendations for; backlink, readability, and word count.

3: Where to get backlinks that will boost your rankings.

4: The average readability score and word count you need for the content.

5: See how your competitors are mapping their Keyword in Thier content which you can read inside your dashboard.

Screenshot 20211007 182602 Chrome
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See how your competitors are using your target keywords

6: Determine which keyword to use in your “title, meta description, alt tag, and the body of your content.”

Screenshot 20211007 183225 Chrome
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Basic recommendations; title, meta description, H1 and body

7: And how long your SEO title and meta description should be.

With all these recommendations, you can now use the SEMrush SEO writing assistant to optimize the content for search engines in real-time.

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SEMrush SEO writing assistant Review

*With the SEO writing assistant Semrush, you can;

1: Optimize your blog post for all the recommendations from the SEMrush SEO content template.

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SEMrush writing assistant leads me to success

2: Optimize your content for “SEO, readability, tone of voice, and originality.

3: And rank on the first page on Google.

Semrush Content Template/SEO writing assistant tool Integrations:

  • Semrush Google docs: You can integrate the SEMrush writing assistant in your Google Doc using the Semrush google docs plugin.
  • SEMrush SEO writing assistant wordpress: With the SEMrush SEO writing assistant plugin, you can optimize new and existing Blog posts within your WordPress dashboard.

How do the “SEMrush SEO template and SEO writing assistant work?

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How the Semrush content template and SEO writing assistant work.

Let’s see how to use Semrush for SEO with the help of the SEMrush content template and the SEMrush SEO writing assistant.

Watch the video Below we published on our brands channel.

How to use the semrush content template and seo writing assistant
  • 1: Locate the SEMrush SEO template in your dashboard.
  • 2: Input your target keyword(s) and select your device type and location.
  • 3: Click on the “Create SEO template button” to get started.
  • 4: SEMrush will recommend untapped suggestions to optimize your content using the data from successful content ranking on the first page on Google.
  • 5: Then, the SEMrush SEO content writing assistant will guide you through the content writing and search engine optimization process.

That’s all.

Get ready to rank #1 after the implementation of the SEO recommendations. But first check your content is SEO friendly by clicking the banner Below (freely!!!)

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What are you still waiting to get started with “Semrush content template” and the “SEMrush SEO writing assistant?”

It’s a 2-in-1 SEO and content writing software that boosts your rankings in Google.

Let me share my personal experience of how the tool is helping me with my workflow.

SEMrush content template and SEO writing assistant review and tutorial
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SEMrush content template/SEO writing assistant infographics by Franklin nwangene
  • I used to write content without considering search intent: This is not a good approach for search engine optimization. When you write content without search intent in mind, your content will not rank well with search engines. Now with SEMrush, I can easily find keywords my target audience are searching.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid result page, often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. So, without knowing what people search, you will hardly rank on google. SEMrush suggests the keyword that could drive traffic from SERP.
  • With Semrush writing assistant, I can find effective keywords for my title, alt, and body: Semrush has an advanced function that suggests keywords for your title and body to help you create more visible content to search engines. This is an excellent tool for those who want to generate more traffic on their website or blog.
  • With the SEMrush SEO template, I can see the keyword my competitors target on google: SEMrush is a powerful competitor research tool that provides in-depth data on competitor keyword usage.
  • It helps me understand what my competitors are doing to improve my marketing strategy. I can also see top competitors ranking for that term and read their articles in my dashboard.
  • Finding the right backlink source is a no-brainer: SEMrush has a content marketing template that allows me to find the perfect backlink sources for your content.
  • I don’t strive to uncover the right word count length and readability score for my content’; the Writing assistant by SEMrush solves all my writing drawbacks.
  • Writing and formatting content is a time consuming and strenuous task for any content writer. The Writing Assistant by SEMrush can do all of the heavy liftings of writing, formatting, and calculating the correct word count length for your content.
  • Checking for content originality is a done-for-you task; I don’t have to take my content to Copyscape to check for plagiarism again.
  • Copyscape is a tool for checking for plagiarism. Can Semrush writing assistant do the task for me? Absolutely.
  • The Semrush writing assistant can identify copied content and alert me to fix the error before posting it on my website or distributing it through social media. This is a time-saving and money-saving tool that every writer should utilize.
  • Writing with a consistent tone of voice is another incredible thing that the SEMrush writing assistant do for me: Writing with a consistent tone of voice can be difficult. It is time-consuming, and human writers are unreliable. However, the SEMrush writing assistant has a built-in module for creating content with a consistent tone of voice. It is designed to help writers create more persuasive content quickly and easily.
  • Optimizing my content for keyword cluster is a growth-hack acceleration feature that SEMrush writing assistant provides me: In content marketing, it is essential to understand how people search for the information on the topic of your article.
  • A topic or keyword cluster is a group of related keywords that shares something in common.
  • This feature will help you optimize your content by showing you which keywords are most popular and relevant among your target keyword, preventing overusing your seed keyword.
  • The SEMrush writing assistant reminds me to optimize my content for image SEO using the ALT keyword attribute:
  • SEMrush is a powerful search engine optimization tool that can optimize my website content for image SEO visibility on image search.
  • The ALT keyword attribute is one of the most important strategies for SEO which helps Google and vision-impaired visitors understand your content.
  • Semrush writing assistant finds hard-to-read sentences that need improvement: Readability is essential for conversion. When a visitor can’t read the content on a website, they’ll likely abandon the site and move to one that is more accessible. Semrush writing assistant prevents that for me.
  • SEMrush shows my total optimization score from 0-10 and guides me to achieve a perfect score: SEMrush writing assistant helps me track my progress in achieving a perfect score based on their SEO and user experience objectives. It provides an easy-to-use interface with essential features for managing and optimizing my content for search engines/users.
  • SEMrush writing assistant and SEO content template is the right tool for your content optimization.

(Rank #1 on Google SERP) How to use the SEMrush writing assistant and the content template.

Semrush’s content marketing platform provides valuable tools to help you make better decisions about your content marketing strategy. 

Screenshot 20211007 191542 Chrome
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SEMrush content marketing platform

One of these tools is the content template and the SEO writing assistant. It can help save time and energy for writers and SEOs who want to take their content to the top search on google and bing.


  • Click on the “Menu icon” and locate the tool in the “content marketing” tab.
  • Or go to the “Semrush content marketing platform” and click “Write an article tab.”
  • Input your keywords, select your target location, and click on the “create SEO template button.”
  • Then wait until the analysis is done.
  • After the analysis, a set of recommendations will pop out, which you can export to google doc.
  • The “key recommendations” from SEMrush analysis will display semantically related keywords to use in your content. Along with backlink outreach suggestions, average readability score, and length for the content.
  • You can delve deeper by switching between your seed keywords.
  • You can also read your competitors’ content to see how they map their keywords.
  • Scrolling down, you will see “basic recommendations” for your content title, meta description length, H1 tag, and body text.
  • Now click on the “Menu again and select the SEMrush writing assistant’ to optimize your content.
  • You will be provided with a blank work document editor to write a new or paste an existing article. Then the Semrush writing assistant will guide you in writing perfect SEO content.
  • The writing assistant will show content issues for readability and help you find and fix difficult to read phrases.
  • Also, you will see how you are using your primary keywords alongside your semantic keywords to see what needs improvement.
  • You can use the Semrush writing assistant to check for plagiarism, which shows the originality of your content.
  • Evaluating your tone of voice consistency is a no-brainer. It’s easy to see how consistent you are in your writing.

That’s how the Semrush content template and the SEMrush writing assistant work.

Watch the video below. It’s the recipe shared above.

Moreover, you can integrate the writing assistant in Google Docs for your team-mate to use outside of the Semrush dashboard.

Semrush content marketing platform is a leading SEO and marketing suite that offers competitive research, keyword suggestion and tracking, backlinks suggestion, and many others. The product also provides many other features to help you grow your website’s visibility.

You can use the software for free on trial(link in description).

Please do me a favor by sharing, and commenting.

The bottom line of the SEMrush content template and the SEO writing assistant review

SEMrush provides a wide variety of best SEO tools; content template, writing assistant, keyword research, backlink building, and more, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

With the SEMrush SEO writing assistant, you can write optimized content for search engines. The content template gives you awesome suggestions on how to plan and write your content for search engines and users.

FAQ about the SEMrush content template and the SEMrush content writing tool.

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about Semrush writing assistant and the content template.

Q: What is an SEO content writing assistant?

A: SEO content-writing assistants are tools that enable you to write SEO-optimized content for organic traffic generation.

Q: What is the SEMrush content writing tool?

A: SEMrush SEO writing assistant software is a cloud-based tool that provides content writing and research tools for content marketing professionals and bloggers.

The tool allows marketers to find the best keywords and phrases to target their chosen audience and analyze which keywords their competitors are targeting.

The tool also allows the user to do competitive analysis and see what content marketing strategies competitors are using.

Q: Who should use the software?

  • Bloggers,
  • Content writers,
  • SEO managers,
  • Website owners,
  • Affiliate marketers,
  • Content marketers,

Q: What is SEMrush google docs plugin?

A: The SEMrush google docs plugin is a free SEO writing assistant google docs add-on to quickly write an article in Google Docs.

It will generate a variety of reports for you within your Doc.

Q: Is there anything like Semrush SEO writing assistant chrome extension”?

A: No, there is nothing like “SEMrush writing assistant chrome extension.”

However, the Semrush SEO writing assistant Google Docs extension will turn your words into SEO-friendly content. You can also use the SEMrush SEO writing assistant plugin within your WordPress admin panel.

Q: Is SEMrush SEO writing assistant downloadable?

A: Nope. It’s a cloud-based “SAAS” SEO platform that runs on the cloud. You can use it with any device that has access to the internet—Desktop, Laptop, iPhone, Andriod, Tablet, and any mobile or internet-enabled device.

Q: Is Semrush SEO writing assistant free?

A: SEMrush SEO writing assistant is a premium SEO web app.

It’s a free SEO writing assistant with unlimited usage on a 7-day trial. However, You can use the best SEO writing assistant freely on the go.

Q: Are you are in search of free SEO writing assistant?

A: If yes, get started with the SEMrush content template and SEMrush writing assistant Today for free on trial before the free trial offer ends.

Q: Is Semrush worth it?

A: Yes, Semrush is the top leading SEO suite in the market.

Get the free seven days trial today before the offer is over.

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