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how to start a profitable blog and make money
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In blogimize, I have four different sets of  E-mail lists. I did this to ensure the right campaigns and newsletters are sent to you at the right time. I cover topics that relate to blogging, SEO, digital marketing, and WordPress.

To make sure your experience is great whenever I send you an email newsletter, I categorize my mailing lists into four segments(blogging, SEO, digital marketing and, SEO).

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In this category, you will be guided on how to start a successful blog, make money with your blog, master the basics, write quality blog posts, avoid common blogging mistakes that will hurt your success and become a pro blogger.


Learn how to rank any post on the google search engine result page. Do you want to outrank your competitors? if yes, this category is for you. You will get tips about profitable keyword research, competitive analysis, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, traffic hack tips, search intent, backlinking, and lots more


In the Digital marketing niche, we have social media marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, E-mail marketing, pay per click(PPC), and Digital advertising. Digital marketing is a process of generating leads, increasing sales, branding your self/business/blog online by utilizing the digital marketing techniques listed above.


WordPress is the largest cms on earth. Mastering the basics is not really easy. That’s why you actually need to subscribe to this list. In this category, you will get actionable tips on how to fix any issue you may come across In the future. Learn how to avoid WordPress potential errors. Fix plugin conflict, fix any 5xx or 4xx HTTPS status code errors(404 not found, 502 server error, 504 bad gateway error, error establishing database connection, and other fixes.  Also, you will learn more about web development in this category, WordPress troubleshooting, and its relations.


You will see the SMS category to include your active WhatsApp number so as to be added to our WhatsApp tv viewers.

Whats Whatsapp tv? Whatsapp tv is no different from our normal status wall on WhatsApp. You will be enlightened, and educated on blogging, SEO, WordPress, and digital marketing via our Whatsapp status.

Due to privacy protection, we tend to make it more encrypted by restricting access for a conversation with other viewers on our tv(this is to protect you our viewer and, to comply with GDPR).

We also use the number supplied by you to send you vital notifications on upcoming/information you might find interesting. Endeavor to join our Tv and learn more.

You will be supplied with my official Whatsapp number to contact me anytime anywhere when you join.


Join mailing list that you find interesting. Importantly, grant me access to join our whatsapp tv by supplying your whatsapp number in the specified field.

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Hi, am Nwangene Franklin (CEO

nwangene franklin
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Short description about me.

Hi dear, am Nwangene Franklin, CEO of the blog you are reading.

I’m a passionate blogger with great enthusiasm in my field.

I learn every day to improve my skills and knowledge.

I’m a certified HUBSPOT growth-driven designer and inbound marketer.

I implement by showcasing skills in writing quality blog posts for my target audience.

I ventured into blogging when I was 15 years.

I never believed blogging a nice business to earn passive income online because I joined because of passion until I realize how much blogging has made me… LEARN MORE ABOUT ME OR CONTACT ME

Learn how to start a successful and profitable blog with WordPress.

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