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(New case study) I ranked my clients keyword without a backlink

This article will show you how to rank on page 1 of Google without building any backlink, using allintle.

On-page keywords research is not enough for today’s competitive online world. If you want to rank on page 1 of Google, you need to do keyword research like a pro.

Allintitle is a handy “Google search operator” that allows you to find valuable keywords that are not competitive in search results

It finds all the phrases that are repeated in the page title – this is valuable information for SEO experts who want to optimize their pages according to what users are looking for which less blog or website targes in SERP.

Google’s advanced search operators can also help us with SEO and search intent optimization tasks.

The “site: operator,” for example, will show you how well optimized your website is for specific queries, which gives valuable insight into what users are looking for.

The “allintitle: operator” which we are discussing today will give you a clear picture of the number of blogs targeting a particular keyword.

Allintitle is a Google search operator that allows you to filter out every keyword that relates to your search while showing only a “specific keyword” in the google search engine result page that only appears in the title.

When you type the keyword “Allintitle: my name is x” in google, google will filter out all words that do not show “my name is x” in the title of your search.

It’s a great way to find something specific for effective marketing research.

That’s why it’s called ‘All In Title.”

Without wasting your time let me show you how to do that with the “Writerzen keyword explorer.”

I will walk you through a simple step-by-step guide.

  • Register a free account on the “Writerzen” website
  • Click on “Keyword Explorer
Keyword Explorer 2
  • Save
Enter your keyword and search
  • Enter your keyword and toggle on “allintitle and keyword cluster(optional)”
  • Select your target country and language from the dropdown. I normally use global to go deeper.
  • Search and wait for some minutes for “Writerzen” to scrape the data from google SERP.

Keyword cluster will help you find other related keywords to your main keyword.

Keyword Explorer 4
  • Save
Keyword trend and search volume)

I recommend using a “broad keyword” that relates to your niche so as to filter every keyword that you could rank on SERP(search engine result page).

Keyword Explorer 3
  • Save
Broad keyword(Buiderall)
  • Now scroll down to the keyword data section
Keyword Explorer 8
  • Save
Enter 10 as the max value for allintitle
  • Click on “Allintitle” and input “10” as max, then apply to filter.

Inputting “20 as max” will show you only keywords that have 0-20 “exact match keyword in the google result page.”

Keyword Explorer 9 1
  • Save
Petfinder keywords with a low competition

That’s all. Simple right?

To confirm if the data returned is accurate, copy the keyword and head over to google and search; »»> allintitle: ‘your keyword here’

allintitle pet f 1
  • Save
allintitle: pet finder pennsylvania

From the image above, the data from “Writerzen” is correlated to the exact result because google returned “6 as the allintitle value today,” And it’s a few weeks after my initial research.”

The second image can be justified as well;

image 2
  • Save
allintitle: pet finder colorado

Note: sometimes the data returned by “Writerzen” would be above or below and this would be a result of;

When you made the search, they are only a few websites targeting the keyword. Then returning back on another day to see that google removed some blogs from SERP or that a couple of websites wrote content to target the keyword.

I used this strategy to rank my clients’ website on the first page of google within two weeks without building any backlink.

You can use writerzen for free but you’ll have to subscribe to premium plan for best experience.

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  1. Hi Franklin,

    Interesting post, for sure I will try these tools and implement them with your suggested idea to rank my keywords for my blog. Hope to have the same results that you have for your client.

    Thank you.