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Liquid Web Review 2021 | Features | Pricing | Pros, and Cons | Server Speed Tested

liquid web review(the best web hosting company)
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Is liquid web the best or worst web hosting company for you? A couple of things determines a good web hosting service provider which includes reliability, performance, speed and overall quality. You will learn more about liquid web below.

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Liquid web #hosting review. is liquid web fast in speed? What about reliability? Learn more here!

Liquid Web Review. Liquid Web is a certified Web hosting company that makes server/Web hosting purchases easy since 1997.

Getting a physical server that allows you to launch your project is not an easy one. You will spend a lot of time and money to purchase, configure and, maintain your physical server. Liquid Web has made it easy for anyone that wants a dedicated, cloud, or virtual private server without the need to keep your server uptime and technical aspects.

Also, for anyone who wants to start a Web hosting business, liquid web reseller hosting has everything you need to start your web-hosting service with a bit of or small fee. In today’s guide, I will review the liquid Web hosting company.

Over 500,000 websites are under the management of the liquid web hosting service. If Liquid isn’t reliable, no one will patronize them. 500K+ users of liquid Web is not a joke of a thing. Without a doubt, users love their service.

You will learn more about their server uptime rating, server speed, pricing plans, features, and screenshots of users’ reviews. Keep reading.

Liquid Web is for;

  • Web hosting service providers.
  • Anyone that wants a dedicated and reliable web server.
  • Websites with tons of traffic.
  • Business owners.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Social media platforms.
  • Freelancers.
  • And Agencies.
  • Web server sellers.
  • WordPress users.

Before we proceed, let’s talk about liquid Web’s pros and cons.

We all know that liquid Web is reliable.

How Reliable Is LIQUID WEB?

Liquid Web is one of few web hosting service providers that are 100% reliable. A reliable web hosting service provider should always boost a 100% uptime rating and quick customer support responses. With a 100% uptime rating, liquid Web will ensure your server or website never go offline, especially when your visitor needs your website the most.

liquid-web-server-uptime in liquid web review
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liquid-web-server-uptime and server speed tested and confirmed!

With consistent customer care support, Liquid Web ensures you never run out of help when you need aid. Their 247/365 human customer support will always help you when you need assistance. In terms of reliability, Liquid web is reliable.

With 45,000+ active customers in over 150 countries, liquid Web tends to be amongst the most reliable webserver providers. They currently have over 500k websites that they manage. More than 500 hosting professionals use their webserver solution to run their Web hosting business with a custom label of their company name (WHITE LABEL).

Server reliability should always be your main priority when purchasing any web hosting plan.

What Type Of Support Do LIQUID WEB Offer?

Liquid Web has three main support categories. One is the helpdesk. Two is online chat, and the last is lie phone call support.

Sometimes we find it hard to express our feelings via chats; that’s why liquid Web offers a different variety of help support to aid you anytime.

A human agent will answer your phone call request within a minute or chat with you on their website. You know the most convenient support you need; use it to communicate with them. If you find it hard to choose the right plan, contact their Web hosting advisor. They know the best for your business.

One thing to keep in mind is that Liquid Web is somehow pricey but not as much. We will talk about their pricing plans later in today’s review.

Is LIQUID WEB Server Response Time Fast?

Liquid Web is extremely fast in speed. Their server response time is incredible. With the core web vitals algorithm, you need to ensure your website is fast to benchmark your competitors to out-rank them on the Google search engine result pages.

Speed is a Google ranking factor, and speed is part page experience algorithm. When your website is fast, your users will be happy and stay longer on your website.

Liquid Web server average response time is considerable. A 330ms server response time is good and liquid Web manages to achieve that target.


Security is another crucial aspect of web hosting. A non-secure hosting service provider is vulnerable, which allows hackers to have unwanted access to your website. Liquid Web considers security which will enable you to focus on another aspect of your business. With SSL certificates issues to you and your clients, your website will never be safe from hacking.


Liquid Web has ten or more data centers in different countries of the world. They have data centers in the united states of America and other parts of the world.

Can LIQUID WEB Transfer My Website/Clients Websites To Their Server?

If you have an existing hosting account with another hosting provider, Liquid Web can move your data to their server with ease.

Do you want to move your website or client’s website to liquid Web, you have no problem; their technical support team will do that for you at an affordable rate—no hidden charges.

Whether you are using C-Panel, Plesk, Interworx, CMS, or custom website, Liquid Web will move your data from any host to their server within a short time.

Is LIQUID WEB Fully Managed?

Yes, they manage the technical aspect of your web server. Liquid Web ensure your server is always up and running—no need to hire a server geek to administer your web server. Get yourself a web server and start your dream project. They manage your server uptime/update, security, network status, and otherwise.

What and what does liquid web offer as a service?


Below are what makes liquid Web unique and a list of services they render.


What is a server cluster? A server cluster or web server cluster is an advanced server configuration that allows business owners or Web hosting resellers to have a backup of their primary server, which increases the overall performance and reliability of their website.

Server cluster maximizes your web server uptime rating and performance. When server 1 is down, server 2 takes the request and sends it back to your website users. When server 4 is down, server three or any other server must carry the ongoing request along.

This strategy is to ensure your website and your client’s websites are reliable with maximum performance.


Liquid Web doesn’t limit your usage or the customization level of your web server. Root access allows you to have 100% permission to edit, install, remove or, configure your server anyhow you want. The root access will enable you to have 100% control of your web server without restrictions.


Do you want a custom plan? If yes, liquid Web is the right Web hosting company for you. Sometimes we need a plan with sufficient resources for our clients, but your hosting partner doesn’t offer the hosting company you want.

Worry no more. With Liquid Web’s enterprise or custom plan, you can quickly and confidently send them a quota of what you want. At the same time, their sales support works with you to ensure you get your heart’s desire.


Liquid Web does not only manage your web server. It also allows you to choose between AWS, LINODE, AND DIGITAL OCEAN servers. Choices matter; choose the right one for your business goals. A managed hosting is managed by your web server provider, which boosts productivity and optimizes time to achieve a particular task.


What is VPS? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a private server that dedicates all the server resources to you. You don’t share any resources with anyone. Your server content is dedicated. VPS is not like a shared hosting that shares all its resources with an uncountable number of users online. VPS is 100% dedicated.


What is a private VPS parent? A private VPS allows you to sell private servers to your customers.

If you have a Web hosting website where you sell reseller, cloud, VPS, or shared hosting, private VPS can help you resell VPS plans without hassle. Get the parent VPS and deploy anywhere online. Just that.

Also, you can get a parent VPS for a big project of yours where you want individual projects/websites to have a dedicated IP address while on one “parent virtual private server.”


Liquid Web also offers a cloud server for enterprises. A cloud server is scalable; you can quickly and comfortably upgrade your web server allocated resources with fewer efforts. A cloud server is a pay-as-you-go service. You only pay for what you use. This type of service is best for SMBs.


Liquid has a dedicated server for all the services they offer. As a fast-growing business, you need a dedicated server to accommodate your traffic. Dedicated servers tend to be of higher performance, and that’s why you need more money to purchase them. You can go for the cloud or VPS dedicated, which is more affordable.


A VMware private cloud is one of the best hosting solutions for most businesses and Web hosting companies. Liquid Web doesn’t impose high fees on you; you pay for what you are using and not per-VM.


WooCommerce hosting is ideal for eCommerce websites. If you plan to start a website for your eCommerce website, Liquid web-managed e-commerce hosting will serve you better.


The managed WordPress is for WordPress blogs or websites, and it is optimized for the best possible experience for any WordPress website or blog.

If you plan to use WordPress CMS to host your website or your client’s website, managed WordPress is the best service for you and your clients.


Do you want to use a non-WordPress CMS? Magento cloud hosting solves the problem for eCommerce websites. With more outstanding performance, magneto hosting your eCommerce website will be highly responsive and fast.

Liquid also has additional features that they offer as part of the service they render.


Liquid Web has many additional features, which I didn’t mention in the review; below are add-on features of their service.

Storage and Backups Add-on.
E-mail hosting Add-on.
Performance Add-on
Security and Compliance Add-on.
Software Add-on.


How much does liquid web cost? Liquid web pricing starts from $15/month and it goes up from there. Depending on the service you want, you can pay a up to $1k+/month. The image below is clear picture of the liquid web pricing.

liquid wbeb pricing 1 (liquid web review)
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liquid web pricing 2 (liquid review)
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Liquid Web takes total dedication for your next project launch. Whether you want to start a web hosting business, Liquid Web is what you need.

Their private dedicated/cloud servers have solved the problem. Are you having a little knowledge of networking? Utilize their reseller hosting service to start your own Web hosting business.

Be it a project launch(game/app/website/web app/software); liquid Web solves your problem.

Whether you want an enterprise or custom plan, a liquid web partnership will serve you better.

Liquid Web is an excellent solution for web development agencies, e-commerce websites, WordPress/Magento websites, mid-high traffic websites, Web hosting resellers, and business owners.

Now you know what liquid Web offers, let me hear from you in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this review with your loved ones.

Do you need a reliable web server for your next project launch? Liquid web is one of the best #webhosting and #webserver providers i personally recommend for web hosting resellers, agencies, web developers, and online business owners

Get started with liquid web dedicated plans and enjoy a lot of discounts.

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