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Greengeeks Review 2021: Pros and Cons; Pricing; Best and Worst Feature(Server Speed Tested)

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Exposed! Is greengeeks reliable? Well, in this greengeeks review you will see whether greengeeks is good for your business or not. Also, you will get to know why you should use greengeeks to host your website/blog and why you shouldn’t.

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Table of Contents

#Greengeeks exposed! Is greengeeks a perfect #webhosting service provider for my business? In this review you will determine whether to use greengeeks to create your #wordpress #website or find another #hostingcompany.

Greengeeks Review 2021. Is Greengeeks is a perfect web hosting service provider I should use for my business? I would say that every business needs to use greengeeks; the reason is that they diversified their web-hosting service to meet every business solution.

It comprises of great features. It’s essential to research any web hosting service provider you want to use for your business before deciding to use it or not. Well, in today’s greengeeks hosting review, I will tell you why you should use greengeeks and why you should avoid it.


Below are the benefits of using greengeeks web hosting service provider to create your blog or website.


Reliability means you are not scared of them. Because greengeeks offer to maintain their service’s reliability, they ensured that their hosting providers’ uptime rating is 100%. You will barely see a hosting provider that has a 100% uptime rating.

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Greengeeks has it. Most of my followers complain of server downtime because they are using unreliable web hosting service providers. Don’t settle for less by using a poor-performance web hosting service provider. 

Greengeeks is also speedy and robust(strong) in performance. A reliable service can be judged from users reviews.

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Greengeks server uptime rating is 100% in the last 45 days. Which measn it’s a reliable #webhosting service provider.

GREENGEEKS IS CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE(up to 70% discount for you).

Can you find a reliable at an affordable rate? It’s rare. Most of the hosting providers would cost you around $20-$40/month, about $200/year. With greengeeks starting a website is extremely cheap. With just $59, you can create a website with greengeeks.

As a new customer, you’ll get a 70% discount on all the plans you choose. Redeem your offer now(it’s a limited offer, don’t miss it). greengeek is one of the cheapest web hosting service providers globally, which focuses on quality over quantity.


As a new greengeeks customer, you will get a free domain worth $12/year and an SSL(secure socket layer) for security worth $11/year. Also, Greengeeks will award you with a free CDN that speeds up your blog. A CDN is a content delivery network. It distributes your website’s resources to a location nearest to your server. When someone visits your website or blog, your web server receives the request, processes it, and sends it back to you.

But with greengeeks, your server is load-free. CDN server stores your content to the closest location to your visitor’s location which reduces load-time and increase the overall performance of your web server.

Source: CDN image is from the key CDN website

Most web hosting providers charge you for CDN, while grengeeks will give it to you for free. Get a free domain, an SSL certificate, and free CDN with greengeeks hosting. Also, with nighty daily backup, your website will never lose its content in case of any glitch(issue).

When there’s any problem, you can quickly revert the changes from your backup files. It’s awesome. Some web hosting service providers will charge you for a daily backup. Greengeeks offers it for free to their customer.


With Greengeeks, you will be assured of unlimited bandwidth, accommodating your traffic(website visitors). Their disk space is enough for your business. Bandwidth determines the total number of visitors you will have on your blog, website, online store, or social platform. Greengeeks doesn’t limit you in terms of the number of visitors you will have.

Many web hosting service providers limit their bandwidth usage, which will get your website or blog down when you exceed your monthly usage. It’s crucial to find a web hosting service provider that offers unlimited resources to avoid losing your potential traffic or visitors.


The renewal fee is the most neglected thing when it comes to web hosting. A lot of web hosting service providers will say, “Get your website up and running with just $0.9/month.” Yes, they will allow you to register your blog or website for upon agreed fee, but what comes next after your plan has expired? A Heartbreaking renewal fee pops out.

The only solution is to either continue with them or Changing your web hosting provider, which could reduce your ranking on Google if not done perfectly. You could lose your posts, images and other content; I recommend finding a reliable web hosting company to avoid future switches between web hosting providers. Greengeeks renewal fees are relatively low compared to other Webhosting service providers.


A managed hosting is the one operated and administered by your web hosting service provider. Managed hosting is best for non-techies that want the best of hosting web service. An unmanaged web hosting is the one you manage yourself. All of the greengeeks hosting are managed by their company expert IT-workers, which means you won’t stress yourself maintaining your web server. 

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Get Started With GREENGEEKS And Enjoy A Quality Hosting With A Lot Of Freebies

#Greengeeks manages your web server technical aspect to ensure your #wordpress #website is up and running all the time. Get grengeeks hosting with the link below and enjoy reliable and, high-performance #hosting. Link–>> https://bit.ly/33Cyf7W <<–

Greengeek made it easy for high-end developers to manage their web servers by providing a dedicated managed hosting service and a VPS(a virtual private network) for them. 

Get a 100% managed hosting plan to host your blog and focus on creating quality content for your audience while greengeeks maintains your server uptime and protects it from attacks.


Not all the web hosting service provider has the solution for WordPress users. Greengeeks has a dedicated hosting service for WordPress users. So if you are planning on going for the best CMS(content management system) being WordPress, then greengeek is the best solution for that.

They offer a one-click auto-installation for WordPress users allowing you to install WordPress on your website in three minutes. It’s easy and fast to install WordPress on your greengeeks account. Learn how to start a website with greengeeks and install WordPress in three minutes.


Have you ever witness hacking in your life before? If yes, security should be your number one priority when choosing a web hosting service provider. Greengeeks offers a security measure that ensures your website data is free from hackers. A “MEN-IN-THE-MIDDLE-ATTACK(MITMA)” is one of the deadliest forms of attack hackers use to access your blog/website/online store. 

MITMA works this way, when your client requests content from your server which is sent over a network. A MITMH(men-in-the-middle-hacker) receives the request and sends a false message through your customer/clients/visitors’ browser while stealing the original data from your server. 

This form of attack is deadly. After all, your server administrator, you, and your client won’t know what’s wrong because you received a request which you sent, but it’s a false request. 

Hackers can use this strategy to steal your customer’s credit card info or sensitive data sent over a network. Greengeeks had solved this problem by offering you a free SSL(secure socket layer) script to install on your blog/website/online store, which ensures any data sent through your server’s network and client’s browser is safe and secure.


Another reason why I love greengeeks is that their server load time is usually 0.1-0.2 seconds. It’s not even a quarter of a second. A lot of web hosting service provider load-time is 3 seconds; it is above the overall 200ms(2s) webpage speed recommendation by Google.

server response time for greengeeks.png
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#Greengeeks server response time is 120-150ms(0.12-0.15s). This is a sign of a fast #webserver with a great response time.

Note: server load time is different from your website/blog load time. Your server speed determines the speed of your website. Server load time is called “Time to first byte(TTFB).” It’s the total time it would take a web-server hosting a website to receive, process, and send back request made by users of their web hosting service solution.

If you want to pass the core-web-vital algorithm, it’s essential to utilize greengeeks hosting because it’s one of the fastest web hosting service providers. Google says, “If you want to rank high in the search engine result page(SERP) and get free(organic) traffic from us, then you need to optimize your blog for speed and performance.” Speed is a Google ranking factor. To outrank your competitors on Google, you need to ensure that your web hosting service provider is fast in speed.


Renewable energy ensures there’s no downtime as a result of lack of energy or power termination. Greengeeks has backup energy renewed every time to substitute the main power supply when there is a power misconception. Availability of a constant power supply should always be a thing to consider when buying a web hosting plan.


Another significant advantage of the greengeeks web hosting service is data center location preference. Most web hosting service providers don’t have data centers in different locations.

Suppose your target audience is mainly from the USA-and your data center is in India; your visitors will have a poor user experience because it will take much time for them to receive any request made on your website. Why? It is due to the distance between your website data center and your visitor’s location. With greengeeks CDN you have nothing to worry about in this case.

greengeeks-server-locations(data center location)
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With Greengeeks, you have the option to choose a data centre in three country’s of your choice to optimize for your visitor’s user experience. You can select to host your website in a data centre located in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Chicago (USA), or Montreal (Canada). Nonetheless, their free CDN will ensure your website is fast for every visitor you have despite their location.


Why is greengeeks a solution to every business? They have different pricing plans that fit both startups and over-grown businesses. With $59, you can start your website with greengeeks. They offer a variety of plans that have unique features. 

They have a dedicated VPS hosting for techies with advanced experience in networking. They have WordPress hosting, which allows you to blog on wordpress being the most popular CMS(content management system) on earth. 

Their VPS and WooCommerce hosting is ideal for mid-high traffic websites or eCommerce websites. They also have a reseller web hosting for anyone that wants to start a web hosting business; whatever plan and feature you need is what they offer. 

Below are the type of services greengeeks offer.

  • 1 – WordPress hosting.
  • 2 – Shared hosting.
  • 3 – WooCommerce(E-commerce) hosting.
  • 4 – CMS hosting.
  • 5 – Joomla hosting.
  • 6 – Magento hosting.
  • 7- Drupal hosting.
  • 8 – Dedicated Servers.
  • 9 – VPS (virtual private servers).
  • 10 – Reseller hosting.
  • 11 – PrestaShop hosting.
  • 12 – And OpenCart hosting.
  • 13 – Cpanel hosting.


Almost all the web hosting service provider you will see has customer support for their customers and prospects(potential customers). It’s the core aspect of marketing. The question is, how helpful and responsible is my web hosting customer support? If the answer is excellent, you are good to go. 

Get Started With GREENGEEKS And Enjoy A Quality Hosting With A Lot Of Freebies

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Unlike other web hosting service providers, greengeeks made it easier for their customers to reach and contact them within their website. This type of marketing tactics is helpful because you don’t need to wait too long for someone to reply to your message. 

You will receive immediate support as soon as possible regardless of your relationship with them; why waiting for 24hrs to receive a mail from your support while you can get in few minutes with greengeeks. Greengeeks support team is always available every time to help you. They don’t sleep. Lol. 


A high-performance web hosting service provider will exhibit three characters.

  • One is server response time.
  • Two is the uptime rating and,
  • Three is using the latest infrastructure. 

If you are yet to decide whether to use greengeek or not, this will is what you will use to clear your doubt. As greengeeks boost a 100% uptime rating, it means that it’s of excellent quality. Their server speed/response time is below google’s recommendation(200ms). 

A 130ms(0.13s) server response time is fantastic. Server response time determines the speed of your website. A web hosting service provider that uses the latest infrastructure is what most of you forget to consider. 

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Greengeeks uses PHP7(latest version of PHP) and SSD(solid-state drive) for storage, boosting server speed and overall performance. SSD storage devices are 4x faster than HDD(hard disk drives).

If your web server response time is lacking, then your website will also be slow. That’s the fact. No matter what you do, it will still be sluggish(slow). 

Never underestimate reliability (server uptime) when choosing a web hosting company for your business. Of course, you know the drawbacks of an unreliable web hosting service provider? Your website will always be down when you need it the most. That’s why you need a web hosting service provider that can boast a 100% server uptime rating.


Will greengeeks refund me my money if I don’t like their service? Yes, of course, greengeeks will surely repay you if you said you don’t want to use their service again within 30 days of your initial purchase. 

What does that mean to you as a new customer? It means that when you make a purchase, and it is not yet 31 days of the purchase, they will refund your money. But when it exceeds 30 days, they can’t refund you if you request it for repayment.

A web hosting service provider that is not reliable will never offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Greengeeks is reliable. That’s why they guarantee you a refund if you wish to change your mind in a 30 days interval.


Another thing that makes greengeeks an excellent web hosting service provider is their domain lock feature and absolute(total) DNS control. 

  • DOMAIN LOCK: You can use the domain-lock feature to lock and transfer your domain to any other domain registrar or web hosting company. Also, they offer a free website transfer service for anyone that wants to change their hosting company. You don’t need to do it yourself. Their support will help you transfer your website for free. All you need to do is to purchase a web hosting plan. 
  • AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS: Greengeeks has won prestigious awards and recognition for the quality they offer. They have won more than 40 awards over the years.

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Get Started With GREENGEEKS And Enjoy A Quality Hosting With A Lot Of Freebies

Greengeeks is an award-winning web hosting service provider in many web hosting review websites endorsed by experts.

  • C-PANEL INTEGRATION: C-panel is the most extensive client management panel bloggers use to manage content on their blog or website. C-panel is very easy to use. You can use it to add elements to your blog or website.
  • AWESOME REVIEW RATING: Based on 388+ Trustpilot reviews, greengeeks got a whopping 4.0-star rating in 5 overall, which is excellent.

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You can’t or will hardly see a service or product that doesn’t have disadvantages where there’s an advantage. You can’t. Over the years, I have been searching to see drawbacks behind greengeeks, but I never found a big issue. 

Your server or website might have a problem, but that would be due to website or server misconfiguration, malicious scripts, or plugin conflicting with each other on your blog/website. Such a type of problem is not a general issue. It’s a client issue, and that’s why customer support is vital to help you fix any problem you will have in the future. 

The only disadvantage I have noticed about greengeeks is its unpopularity. It’s not well-known in the industry compared to its competitors. Greengeeks is currently having 45,000 active users at the time of my writing. 

Again, their renewal fee is slightly above average but not a big thing to consider since their competitor’s renewal fee is almost “twice-as-tall (nearly two times higher than greengeeks renewal fees). 

When you purchase their WordPress hosting, which is $10/month, Greengeeks will offer you a promotional discount to start with $2.49/month(billed annually). Then when your plan expires, it will renew at the standard rate, which is about $10/month. That’s what I can only say about their CONS.


As I said earlier, greengeeks is a solution to every business. I will go into full details about their pricing plans and features. Almost all the programs have the same features. The difference can be distinguished(differentiated) by their allocated resources(usage limits) and add-ons. 

All the plans below come with a nightly backup, dedicated/non-dedicated IP address, free SSL certificate for security, free email accounts, limited/unlimited data transfer, one/unlimited websites, limited/unlimited web space, LScache plugin for page speed optimization, unmetered database and, a free domain name registration.

WORDPRESS HOSTING(Starting from $2.49/month)

WordPress is the most popular CMS(content management system) to create any type of website. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to start a WordPress blog or create a website using WordPress CMS. Greengeeks WordPress hosting is highly optimized for only WordPressG users.

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You can use it to create an Optimized WordPress website or blog. With a one-click auto-install, you can create a WordPress website with greengeeks in five minutes. No technical skill is required to start a WordPress blog using greengeeks WordPress hosting.


E-commerce hosting is another web hosting service greengeek offer. You don’t have to be an eCommerce savvy(expert) to start an online store.

greengeeks woocommerce hosting and pricing hosting.png
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Your WordPress website will be pre-installed with a Woocommerce WordPress plugin to help you manage your store without hiring a web developer. It’s also WordPress hosting but specially made for eCommerce businesses.

VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVERS(Starting from $39/month).

As the name implies, a virtual private server is specially meant for big brands or fast-growing businesses with a lot of traffic. You will need to configure your server yourself or hire a web developer/computer engineer with networking experience to set your server to your needs. Don’t panic, greengeeks VPS is 100% managed. That means they take 100% control of your server. Also, their support is always happy to help you in times of trouble.

greengeeks vps(virtual private server)hosting and pricing hosting.png
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You, as an administrator, will have to install custom scripts on your server. A VPS hosting requires technical experience for configuration. It’s the best solution for anyone that wants to develop his server from scratch.

RESELLER HOSTING(Starting from $29/month)

A Reseller hosting is a web hosting solution for anyone that wants to start his or her own web hosting business without the need to have a physical data center location that administers and manages. 

greengeeks reseller hosting and pricing hosting
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If you want a fast, speedy, affordable and, reliable #webhosting service provider utilize #greengeeks. With 15 advantages over 2 disadvantages, greengeeks is said to be one of the best webhosting company out there. #wordpresshosting #review.


In my honest Grengeeks review, you have known the pros and cons of using greengeeks. What’s the way up? Purchase a web hosting plan from them or look for an alternative? 

I advise you will go with Greengeeks since their advantages are greater than their disadvantages. A 15 advantages greengeeks service has over two disadvantages is a win-win game for your website since no business can exist with only advantages. 

They must be a disadvantage if there’s an advantage. Get started with greengeeks today for quality and reliable web hosting service. If I rated them, I would give greengeeks a 4.9-star rating in 5 since their 30 days money-back guarantee, server uptime, and speed are fantastic.

Get Started With GREENGEEKS And Enjoy A Quality Hosting With A Lot Of Freebies

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